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Aakhi Jhyal

“Aakhi” meaning eye and “Jhyal” meaning window, Aakhi Jhyal / Ankhi Jhyal... 


Women owned online retail store promoting locally sourced arts, crafts, and flavors mainly produced by women and marginalized communities from Nepal.

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  • Sarangi

    This beautiful Nepali folk instrument is a chordophone played by bowing.

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  • Khukuri Gurkha Knife Decor samaghri

    Khukuri (Gurkha Knife)

    Khukuri is the national weapon of Nepal and symbolic weapon of Gurkha solder.

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  • Brass Khadkulo Decor samaghri


    Khadkulo is a traditional Nepali vessel used as an utensil for cooking or storing grains back in the day.

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