About Us

Who we are?

Samaghri is small business that is helping to bring products that are handmade by people in Nepal, who belongs to various traditional artisanal occupation and culture. It is a one stop shop where all kinds of artistic Nepali home décor items are available. The intricate details, the eye pleasing designs and cultural sentiments and storytelling are embellished in each products available in the shop. They are hand created and hand picked for quality purposes, and one of a kind products. We believe in preserving tradition and honoring the skills that had been acquired by the skilled master creators of these products by generation of learning and  mastering the craft. The recognition and light provided to this crafters will help preserve their tradition which is becoming rare every day, and helps them continuously do what they love by earning opportunities that comes along the way.

We believe in promoting locally sourced arts, crafts, and flavors, especially those produced by women and marginalized communities. We take pride in representing Nepalese culture in a foreign land and introducing people to the country's vibrant traditions.