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Sarangi/Professional Sarangi

Sarangi/Professional Sarangi

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A beautiful Nepali folk instrument is a chordophone played by bowing. Traditionally sarangis are played by people of Gandarbha caste, who use sarangi to sing narrative tales and folk songs. Sarangi does not have standard size or material used to construct them. They vary with the available wood like khirra, saaj, lakuri or mango, and the size of sarangi differs according to the players' preference. It is usually built using one single piece of wood and has a neck and hollowed-out body. The upper chamber is open and lower opening in which the bridge rests is generally covered up with sheep or goat skin. The sarangi consists of four strings. Now days sarangi’s are used by various artists in their musical creation and they are experimenting on new ways to include in Nepali music more to keep the tradition alive.

Dimension (BLACK & BROWN): 25'' L x 6.5'' W x 3'' H (Professional)

Dimension (WOODEN BROWN): 16'' L x 5'' W x 3'' H (Decorative)

Dimension (Black and Black): 21" L x 6" W x 3" H (Professional)

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