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Khadkulo/ Urlis

Khadkulo/ Urlis

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Khadkulo or Urlis is a traditional Nepali vessel used as a utensil for cooking or storing grains back in the day. Khadkulo used for household purposes were either made from copper or brass and in recent years silver khadkulo’s are widely used in households for decorative purposes or for wedding rituals. In Nepalese weddings especially bride and groom’s feet and hands are washed by the bride’s family members since they are worshiped that day as god and goddess, khadkulo is used as a vessel to perform this ritual, and later the same khadkulo is gifted to bride as a utensil if she requires at her new house for various purposes. Nowadays khadkulo is also used as a decorative object, or to make fresh floral arrangements in the living room , alter, the entrance of the home, or place of business. It is believed to bring positivity and good fortune at home and give beautiful look to your space and enhances its esthetics .



11.75'' Diameter - Silver Large

8'' Diameter - Silver Small

10.5'' Diameter - Copper Large

12” Diameter - Brass Large

9” Diameter - Brass Small

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