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Khukuri (Gurkha Knife)

Khukuri (Gurkha Knife)

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Khukuri is a type of machete traditionally associated with the Nepali-speaking Gurkhas. It’s the national weapon of Nepal and symbolic weapon of Gurkha soldier. It has long history associated with it. The earliest use of kukhuri has been traced back to 7th century even before the unified Nepal existed and is still present in most households today. The khukuri has been used as the main weapon of war in the past, but also is used as a multi-purpose tool in peacetime and many men from various communities in Nepal love and own one with much pride. Khukuri is basically carried in a leather case, mostly has walnut wooden grip and traditionally has two knives known as “karda” and “chakmak”. Karda is used for small cuts and chakmak is used for sharpening of khukuri blade like any knife sharpener. Nowadays Khukuri has evolved in various designs, length, shapes and sizes but the basic integrity, desire, and love of it is still very much among all Nepalese and Nepali speaking people.


17'' L - Wooden Case

16'' L - Leather Finish Case 

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