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Tin Mukhe Maya Devi Aakhi Jhyal/ Ankhai Jhyal

Tin Mukhe Maya Devi Aakhi Jhyal/ Ankhai Jhyal

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“Aakhi” meaning eye and “Jhyal” meaning window, Aakhi Jhyal is a finest example of woodcarving tradition amongst the Newari community of Nepal. They are skilled master crafters of wood, metal, stone etc. Nepal is filled with this artworks and landmarks crafted by generations of master carvers. It is a privilege to be able to share these amazing collectibles around the world. 

This intricate detail carved in windows are crafted by master carver’s of Bhaktapur. This specific design is called “Tin Mukhe Maya Devi” Aakhi Jhyal, taking after two windows and a door. The design in windows and doors can be opened and closed just like the actual size windows.

. It can be the statement piece for your wall at home, office or restaurants. These are collectible items, handmade in Nepal.

Weight: 22lb

Length:2 ft “

Width: 3 ft 8”

Height: 5”

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