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Tibetan Singing Bowl

Tibetan Singing Bowl

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Singing bowl also known as Himalayan singing bowl or Tibetan singing bowl is an instrument which produces sound and vibration when played with mallet or striker. They are used in various process like sound healing, meditation. There are wide varieties of singing bowl, and each has their unique styles and sounds they produce. The sound produced by striking singing bowl ranges over five octaves, varying from high to low tones. They are produced using various metals like copper, silver, iron, tin, lead or gold and pure crystals in recent times. With many myths floating around it gets more hard to choose right one for you, but what boils down at the end is, its always best to choose the ones that fits you budget since they can get very pricy due to their make, material, and the size. If you are beginner you can start with the smaller size with lesser price and once you get to know your sound and how you feel about them you can then always explore different kinds.


Dark wood: 4''


Brass Yellow: 5''


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