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Paanas pair(Traditional Oil Lamp)/Panas

Paanas pair(Traditional Oil Lamp)/Panas

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Panas is beautiful pair of hand sculpted long oil lampstand from 19th century Newari tribe. They are used to light the cotton wick in oil which is considered auspicious, especially to start and celebrate events and milestones. They are also used as decorative at home and come in various shapes, sizes and designs. Usually, Panas are kept in pairs. Metal crafting has been celebrated as tradition of people from Newari tribe and Panas is example of one of many finest handmade, hand-carved by skilled artisans of metal crafts for centuries.

It is sold in pair.

Dimension (Large): 14''

Dimension (Medium): 10”

Dimension (Small): 9''

Dimension (Large Antique): 27''


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