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Maana Paathi Set

Maana Paathi Set

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Mana pathi is a Nepali traditional measuring system for both dry and liquid. It was introduced by King Ram Shah during the 15th century. 8 Manas (is 10 handfuls, approx. 400 grams) = 1 Pathi (4.54596 liters). Mana and pathi are specially designed for everyday household measuring items found in most traditional homes in Nepal. Nepal is mostly an agricultural country, until a few decades mana and pathi were still used to measure the daily wages of grains to the workers for their services. In everyday households, mana and pathi are still used for measuring grains to cook. This traditional set is silver coated on copper, and ready to use every day or can be a decorative piece for your kitchen and living area. 


5.5'' D x 2.6'' H - Maana

10.5'' D x 4.4'' H - Paathi

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