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Maadal is a national musical instrument of Nepal. It is a Nepalese folk musical instrument very popular in Nepal and used for rhythm keeping in Nepalese folk music. It is cylindrical in shape with heads at both ends and slightly bulged in the center. A person playing it would place it horizontally and use both hands simultaneously to make music. This traditional musical instrument is carved from wooden log to form a cavity and both ends are closed using double-layered goat skin, a black paste made up of various ingredients like (iron, flour, and egg), which is then burned in the center adding weight to the head of Madal, which gives distinct bell-like sound. The heads are attached to the hollow log with leather strings running the length of the body leaving extra rope which can be looped to the player while playing it.

Dimension Large: 17'' L x 5'' W

Dimension Small: 13'' L x 5'' W

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