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Lagan/Sindure Clothe Set

Lagan/Sindure Clothe Set

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In Nepalese Hindu weddings, Lagan-Gantho or Gatha Bandhan is considered significant along with sindhur application. Gatha- Bandhan is done by using a length of cloth, which links the bride and groom together as they circle the sacred fire (hawan) together. It is believed when the circle has been completed the wall between them falls and their soul is united. Well, the application of sindhur is another tradition practiced in weddings, and it signifies from that moment along the bride and groom are their significant other. It’s just like the exchange of wedding rings in the west. while applying sindur a special white cloth is used to prevent sindur from falling in-ground since it's considered sacred.

Dimension (Lagan): 140'' L x 34'' W

Dimension (Sindhure): 79'' L x 35'' W

Dimension (Lava): 42'' L x 38'' W

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