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kaudi/koudi/laxmi kauda/conch

kaudi/koudi/laxmi kauda/conch

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Laxmi pooja is one of the most important rituals to be performed in Tihar/Diwali. It is believed on this day goddess Lakshmi descends on earth and gives blessing to people with happiness and prosperity. On this day, people in every house-hold makes sure that the house and surrounding is thoroughly cleaned, delicious food is made for the offering and all the pooja item is ready for Laxmi pooja and Deepawali.

Among all the items offered to Goddess Lakshmi, Kaudi/ Laxmi Kaudi conch, especially yellow in color, is one of the essential items offered since Vedic time. Kaudi conch is considered auspicious object and believed it brings financial prosperity and new means to accumulate wealth. It is said the conch can only be offered in odd numbers like 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 or 11 and so on. When offering the conch to Laxmi and Kubera (Deity of wealth and auspiciousness in Hindu tradition) it has to be wrapped in yellow cloth (Yellow is favorite color of Goddess Lakshmi), and Mantra – OM HRIM SHRIM NAMH has to be chanted 1008 times. Yellow Kaudi are considered ideal to be used as offerings. And it has other uses as well, it is believed that it reduces the planetary effect of Jupiter (Brihaspati), it is also offered to Goddess Banglamukhi (Goddess of Clarity) as an offering.

It comes in set, with eight pieces each.

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