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Ganesh Statue

Ganesh Statue

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This beautifully carved Ganesh is fine example of handwork of metal craftsmen in Nepal, especially located in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan. Placing this beautiful handicraft in your home brings joy, prosperity and beauty to your home.

Ganesh statue at home is believed to attract good luck and prosperity. A Ganesh murti is a symbol of perfect life which teaches important principle in one’s life. The big head of Ganesh is to think big, large ears are to listen carefully, tiny eyes to concentrate, small mouth is to speak less, one tusk is to retain only goodness in life and also signifies single pointedness, the broken tusk represents that a wise person is beyond duality. A long trunk implies one must stay adaptable, big belly to digest good and bad. The four arms of Ganesh represents four attributes- mind, intellect, ego and conscience. Ganesh Statue mostly has one leg up and one leg down which symbolizes that one should be involved in both, the spiritual and material worlds. You can find many kind of materials used to construct Ganesh statue and they have their own significance, especially the Brass Ganesh is considered the symbol of prosperity and joy.

Dimension: 3.5''

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