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Some form of light or lamp is lit on every culture or religion, and the significane is always similar bringing light to eliminate darkness.  In Hindu tradition lightning diyo has been significant part of the ritual and there are various reasons for it. Diyo represent goodness, purity, good-luck and knowledge. Depending upon the occasion various kind of oil are burned with pure cotton wick, and the oil in diyo represents our negative tendencies like (greed, jealousy, hatred and ego), as the oil burns we exhaust our negative tendencies with it. Also, as the flame of diyo is always upwards which aims to acquire such knowledge that will take us in higher ideal of our lives. A diyo always represents the victory of good over evil, knowledge over ignorance and spreads goodness and positivity, which are attributes that attract success and prosperity. Also lightning diyo indicates new beginning and happy moments in life.


Brass Small : 2.5''

Copper Small : 2''

Copper Medium : 2.5''

Copper Large : 3''

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