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Dhaka Topi

Dhaka Topi

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Dhaka topi was part of the national dress of the Nepalese people, and it was made mandatory for official photographs for passports and documents during the reign of King Mahindra, who ruled between 1955 and 1972. Although it no longer is worn as everyday fashion, it still is an integral part of traditional costumes worn today. A lot of the young generation are showing much interest in showing this significant part of Nepali tradition by celebrating Nepali Dhoti and Topi Day on January 1st. The topi is constructed with a round base, and the height of the topi is between 3-4 inches, which resembles the mountains and Himalayas of the country after the melting of the ice which enables the growth and prosperity of the soil, and the patterns are usually of the flora and fauna of the lower region which comes in the bloom due to the water melted from the mountain. But the market of topi production has evolved with time and provides different techniques, threads, and designs, despite this the significance of topi and national sentiment has grown more and more.



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Kids: 9'' L

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