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Decorated Brass Tortoise

Decorated Brass Tortoise

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Not only keeping Tortoise at home has special place in Feng shui, but it also holds special meaning in Hindu mythology. According to Vaastu Shastra, an Indian science of direction that balances the five element of nature (earth, fire, wind, water and sky), when placed properly it is believed to bring  good fortune and positive vibes at home. It is believed to govern north center of the house, therefore should be kept in North direction. There are various materials that is used to carve this object of significance, especially the metal turtles when kept in north, are believed to attract good fortune into lives of kids and boost their concentration and help sharpen their mind.

Dimension(large): 4'' L x 1.5'' W

Dimension(small): 2.5'' L x 0.5'' W 

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