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Bilampu /Tudal / Wood-carving /Wooden-décor

Bilampu /Tudal / Wood-carving /Wooden-décor

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Bilampu or Tudal are the type of wood-carving depicting various images of God or Goddess. They are usually seen around temples and palaces in Nepal supporting the roof which is the main use of them. This functional tool is also used in a very artistic way to spread positive message in the society  by carving various images and most times you can see image of main Idol residing in a temple is carved, it is to let visitor know which God or Goddesses is worshipped in the temple.

The inspiration from this century long heritage is taken to create our intricate design of Bilampu. It is a small initiative to spread the awareness of this art form and make it accessible for everyone to enjoy and appreciate them. This master piece is hand-carved by our master carver Surya Bahadur Silpakar, a generation of master carvers in Nepal, Bhaktapur. He and his family is among the few carvers still practicing their century old tradition to create these amazing art-pieces. 

Length: 5 Ft


Width: 5"

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