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Bell (Ghanti)

Bell (Ghanti)

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Bell popularly known as Ghanta or Ghanti in Sanskrit, is vital part of Hindu tradition. Ringing the bell produces the divine sound ‘OM’ which produces positive frequencies and vibration around the place. The body of the bell illustrates infinity meaning Ananta in Sanskrit, while the tongue of the bell represents Goddess Saraswathi (Goddess Saraswathi is worshipped as goddess of knowledge), the handle of the bell represents Hanuman, Garuda, Nandi or Chakra and is considered to be the essential life energy known as Prana Shakti. In Hindu temples Ghanta are always kept on the left side and worshiped with flowers. A temple bell is made of various metals including cadmium, copper, zinc, nickel, chromium, lead and manganese which produces the distinct sound which usually last minimum of seven seconds in eco mode good enough to touch seven chakras in our body.

Dimension Hand bell: 6''

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