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Basuri/ Bamboo flute/ Flute

Basuri/ Bamboo flute/ Flute

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Bansuri or Flute is a musical instrument played in various cultures and dates back thousands of years. The bamboo flutes are perfect for producing a naturally mellow, woody and warm sound. These flutes have been used in traditional and modern music by various artists and creators. This design is cleverly crafted from strong, lightweight bamboo for a perfect sound quality. An elegant and simple look that is sure to impress, these flutes are perfect for a beginner or and experienced player.

Easy and comfortable to hold, they have a relatively light weight and smooth and tactile surface. whether you are playing solo or with a larger ensemble, the bamboo flutes are guaranteed to create an atmosphere full of unique soothing sounds.

This flute is Made in Nepal by Famous Flute maker Dambar Khadkathoki.

Size: 19 Inch

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