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Asthamangal Thal (Tray)/Pooja Thali

Asthamangal Thal (Tray)/Pooja Thali

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This puja thali is essential in every Hindu household, it is one of the pathways to worship the divine In Hindu mythology. It is believed that the arrangement of all the components in a pooja thali has spiritual significance. Some of the elements like Kumkum, haldi, rice grain, grass, flower, saffron threads, fragment oils, beetel leaves and beetel nuts, coconut etc. are placed in them, and the arrangements varies. The Ashtamangala symbols used in the thali have very important significance in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

Dimension (Small Eight Symbols): 8''

Dimension (Large Eight Symbols): 10''

Dimension (Small Laxmi Footprint): 10''

Dimension (Large Laxmi Footprint): 12''

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