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Karuwa/ silver plated karuwa/ Kalash/ Water

Karuwa/ silver plated karuwa/ Kalash/ Water

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Karuwa is a traditional water vessel used in most Nepalese household for drinking and storing water. It has slim neck, round belly with a trunk like nose to pour the water. This versatile vessel is used in many occasion apart from drinking water, its used as kalash in puja, pasni, Bratamanda, Mah puja, weddings etc. Cities like Palpa, Sankhuwasabha, Bhojpur are very famous for their unique craftmenship of karuwa. Karuwa is hand-made using metals like, brass, bronze, copper, silver and gold and each have their unique designs and patterns. These are cultural identity of Nepal. 

Material : copper with silver coating

size: 8"

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